•  Largest well water service company in New York's Southern Tier.
  • Dec Reg #10371
  • New York State Certified Pump Installers (If they are not certified, they can not touch your well, this is for your safety and the safety of our ground water)
  • Established 1983
  • over 7,000 clients- We have your information at our fingertipsx
  • We install 250+ pumps, 100+ pressure tanks every year.
  • 4 service technicians
  • We know what we are doing and we are quick and efficient
  • 4 stocked service vehicles - We have everything we need to fix your water problem
  • Excavator service as well as a ground missile for horizontal drilling...lets save that paved driveway
  • Water & Septic testing for real estate closings
  • Located in Big Flats, NY


Well Water Pumps & Tanks

Pump Doctors provides a 5 year warranty on all residential installations.

Submersible pumps, Jet Pumps and Pressure Tanks

More info on pumps & tanks

 Water Conditioning

Residential Water Systems

Which solution is right for your household?  Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, UV Filters

More info on conditioning


Water Testing & Analysis

Southern Tier Water Tests


Most bacterial problems are a result of surface water getting into your water system.

 More info on water testing


Pre Gas drilling Water Tests & Analysis

A water test before drilling starts is the best protection.

NY State Certified, Local & Independent Third Party, Legally Defensible baseline water testing

Pre gas drilling water testing


Water Resources