Pump Doctors provides a 5 year warranty on all residential installations.

Commercial & Residential

GOULDS Submersible Pumps



Features and Benefits 

Powered for continuous operation

Completely field serviceable

Abrasion Resistant and Corrosion

-Free Components

Stainless Steel Bowls, Casing, Retaining Ring Shaft Sleeve and Coupling

60 Hz 4" Goulds Submersible Pumps 5G & 7G






Goulds Jet Pumps

Features and Benefits

Back Pull-out Design for Easy Servicing

Corrosion Resistant

Powered for Continuous Operation

FDA Compliant Impeller

Used for Both Shallow and Deep Well Applications




When it comes to pressure tanks we are looking for quality and reliability.  When we install it ,we do not want to go back...thats why we use Well-Rite. This tank is loaded with features that distinguish it from the competition.

Solidly constructed with a welded, stainless steel connection, the Well-Rite Series puts the tank in water tank. Well-Rite tanks are designed with our patented and innovative controlled action diaphragm (CAD), which eliminates coatings, liners and plastic bladders.

The CAD is surrounded in a pre-pressurized atmosphere that reduces condensation and forces the diaphragm to expand and contract the same way, every time. Our patented controlled action, double diaphragm assembly completely contains drawdown water. The water chamber does not chafe on the tank wall.This unique diaphragm design is constructed with an FDA approved, high-grade butyl rubber compound. NSF certifies Well-Rite tanks as conforming to standard 61 for drinking water system components. The CAD system is anchored by our stainless steel water connection which is totally lead free, and NSF approved for the highest sanitary standard. A full flow stainless steel port diffuser directs water flow upward and outward while firmly locking the lower diaphragm in place.

Well-Rite tanks are finished with a high quality urethane paint system that combines durable all-weather protection with a deep gloss, appliance look.

All of our quality tanks are backed by a five year written, limited warranty. Well-Rite tanks are quality tested at four different stages on the production line. Tests include helium and high pressure tests to ensure the structural integrity of every tank.


 Well-Rite Water Tank

Well-Rite Water Tank

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Union Connection
  • High Quality Urethane Finish
  • High Quality Brass Air Stem
  • Stainless Steel Port Diffuser
  • Condensation Reducing Design
  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Approved
  • Controlled Action Diaphragm (CAD)
  • Welded, Stainless Steel Water Connection