Well Water Conditioners & Filters

New York State

Residential Water Treatment Systems

We sell one of the broadest lines of residential water treatment products available today. From whole-house solutions to point-of-use systems, we have the technology and expertise to solve most any problem water challenge.

Which solution is right for your household? Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, UV Filters...Call the Pump Doctor at 607-796-9273.

Water Softeners

Three unique models designed to handle a wide variety of hard water problems for any household.

  • Soap scum
  • Sinks stains
  • Stained clothes
  • Harsh clothes
  • Harsh skin
  • Rusty pipes





Filtration Systems

Used alone or in combination with other systems to treat individual, and extreme problem water, such as acidic water, chlorine, iron, sulfur, unpleasant tastes and odors, and more.


Drinking Water Systems 

RO Systems

Providing the best quality water for drinking and cooking by removal of unwanted contaminants such as nitrates, lead, arsenic, cysts, and more.

Quality Water Solutions

Residential and Commercial

We approach every application as unique.  There's no problem too challenging, no application too large or too small.

Through innovative solutions and proven expertise, we’re more than ready to help you achieve your quality water solutions right now.